Night Shift is the fifth mission in console 007 NightFire. It is a stealth mission which features Bond infiltrating the Phoenix Corporation building in Tokyo, Japan. The PC counterpart is Phoenix Rising.


Speedrun Route

Start off by turning to your left and open the door. Jump up the stairs while firing your laser (or precisely fire your dart gun) at enemies. You have three choices here:

  • Go into the security room, grab the armour and hit the button to unlock the elevator as normal. Go around and into the elevator.
  • Go to the security room, do the same thing, but do the Plant/Refrigerator Clip (clip OoB on a plant/fridge, walk around OoB to the elevator and press action whilst nearing the elevator). This is not recommended on 00 Agent.
  • Do Shadow Temple Early. This is clipping through through the elevators, avoiding the security room completely. Get a feel of which elevator you find easiest to clip through. Note that this only saves about 8 seconds on first try.

Move out of the elevator and turn right, moving straight forward around the warping wall. Go through the door on the left and around the desk by going right. Use the Q-Worm on the computer with a red screen, then run around the desk back to the corridor, instead, going through the door opposite you. Jump and open the grate on the roof, jump and grapple up, go through the vent and drop down into the room. Use the console and use the Decryptor on the lock, go outside and look to the right, go to the corridor on your first left, go through the grey door on the left.

After the load screen, skip the cutscene immediately (RTA) or wait two seconds before skipping it (ILs), run over to the elevator and wait for it to go up the building. Open the vent and go into it. Clip from the corner in front of you if you want. Either way, open the vault door, go into Mayhew's office and use the Decryptor on the lock. Use the Q-Worm on the back of the computer monitor, then go back to the terminal in the vault, press action and run to the fire escape door on your right. Run to the helicopter, using the dart gun to one-hit enemies dealing massive damage to you, and do Sheldor Clip (clip through the helicopter floor), while grabbing the parachute, or simply grab the parachute and fall off the building.

World Records

Difficulty Time
Operative 1:58 by FitterSpace
00 Agent 2:01 by OllieNK
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