Kiko Skip Visualization

This is a visualization of the trigger that causes the button to lock. The trigger extends up to the ceiling. Clipping around it is what makes Kiko Skip possible.

Kiko Skip is a trick that allows you to skip most of the last section of Countdown by pressing a button to end the mission early. It saves about 2 minutes and 30 seconds and was discovered by FitterSpace on March 8, 2016. The name "Kiko Skip" was chosen because Kiko plays a role in the third section of Countdown, taunting James Bond on multiple occasions.

Performing the glitch

Kiko skip is performed by doing a Clip in a specific room in the third section of Countdown. The goal is to clip halfway through the wall and walk along a seam to avoid activating a trigger that would otherwise prevent you from ending the mission early. As you enter the room with the trigger in it, perform a clip in the corner on the right side of the room. This clip in particular is different than most clips in the game. You need to hold the control stick in the direction of the corner. Do not press the control stick all the way or else you will clip through the wall and fall down into the silo. Hold the control stick only slightly in that direction and you will clip through the wall without moving too far. A video of this clip with an input display can be found here.

Once you clip onto the seam, simply move along the seam toward the other side of the room. There are two ways you can get back inbounds:

  1. Jump through a small hole in the wall that is visible while you're on the seam. To do this, move to the end of the seam, look through the hole, and jump through it while holding forward. Mashing the jump button makes it easier to get back inbounds in this case.
  2. Simply walk back inbounds once you get past the trigger and go through the door normally. This strategy is slower but much safer than the one listed above.

History of the Glitch

The last section of Countdown contains a very long section where you have to wait for two and a half minutes. After that time, you will spawn in a room with a button that completes the mission when pressed. Using levitate action replay codes, it was confirmed that pressing the button earlier than intended did not end the level sooner. However, on March 8, 2016, FitterSpace discovered that ending the mission early was possible when using a cheat code that allows you to walk through walls (similar to a noclip code in some PC games). Using trial and error, it was discovered that there is a trigger in the previous room that causes the button to do nothing when you press it. By clipping around this trigger, the button would end the mission early and skip the two and a half minutes of waiting. This is the largest single time save in the game and a video of it can be seen here.

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