This is a leaderboard for individual levels (ILs), based off of the leaderboard. Pausing and/or dying voids the run.


Operative 00 Agent
Paris Prelude 2:09 by OllieNK N/A
The Exchange 2:16 by FitterSpace N/A
Alpine Escape 4:03 by InfiniteSheldor and Keysstonelight 4:04 by OllieNK
Enemies Vanquished 1:03 by OllieNK 1:28 by FitterSpace
Double Cross 1:33 by aleckermit N/A
Night Shift 1:58 by FitterSpace 2:01 by OllieNK
Chain Reaction 1:13 by OllieNK 1:58 by OllieNK
Phoenix Fire 0:51 by OllieNK 2:16 by FitterSpace
Deep Descent 4:30 by OllieNK N/A
Island Infiltration 7:56 by Keysstonelight N/A
Countdown 2:31 by OllieNK 6:25 by FitterSpace
Equinox 3:36 by OllieNK and InfiniteSheldor 3:36 by InfiniteSheldor