Equinox is the 12th and final mission in the console version of 007: Nightfire. This mission portrays the last stand between Bond and Drake's Operation NightFire. The mission has a new control layout, a new gun (provided you used the Rook kill strat in Countdown) and is almost entirely automated.


Drake attempts to fire the U.S. Space Defense Platform's defensive missiles at Earth, to take it under his control. With only a few men left, Drake throws everything he can to stop Bond and complete Operation NightFire.

Speedrun Route

Please note: Enemies die in one hit on Operative, two hits or one headshot on 00 Agent.

Kill both enemies before Drake finishes talking to trigger the first missile to prime. The rest of the mission is automated, so shoot the rocket couplings and then Drake's men. After taking out all 8 missiles and all of Drake's men, he will come out and fight you personally. If you aim correctly with the Overcharge (under or at the cockpit) and fire as Alura says "laser" in "The laser's gone in overdrive James!", you can kill him as soon as possible. If you fail this, keep headshotting him until he dies.

Mission Complete.

007 Token Locations


  • Once Drake spawns outside, you can overcharge the samurai at the cockpit and kill him no matter where he is in the level.
  • This is the only level in the game that gives you no bonus points based on how quickly you beat the level.
  • Equinox is the only on-foot level with no checkpoint.
  • You can fire the Overcharge at either the cockpit or just below it, where Drake comes out to fight you. Neither of these methods is faster or slower.

World Records

Difficulty Time
Operative 3:36 by OllieNK and InfiniteSheldor
00 Agent 3:36 by InfiniteSheldor