Enemies Vanquished is the third mission in the console version of 007: NightFire. In this mission, Bond and Zoe evade Drake's men whilst trying to rendezvous with Q in a V12 Vanquish. This mission takes place the night after The Exchange and Alpine Escape, and does not have a specific PC counterpart besides the end of Airfield Ambush.


Bond and Zoe use the V12 Vanquish to evade Drake's men and the local police to rendezvous with Q and finally escape.

Speedrun Route

There is a HUGE skip in this mission, which skips almost the entire mission. It is quite a well known Out of Bounds, but it is very random whether or not you will get it. There are three different methods, but only one is RTA friendly. Even then, you will reset a lot over it. It saves about a minute. There are detailed tutorials on the skip here and here.

  • Method One: Drive up to the billboard to get the police car's attention, handbrake, and drive back to the start point. Wait for the police car to drive into the back of you, pushing you over the wall.This is the slowest but most RTA-friendly strat, and the tutorials above are for this method.
  • Method Two: Fire at the enemy snowmobile on the right, and drive into it. This is very specific, but saves about ten seconds over Method One. This is most commonly found in old TASes and some ILs of this game.
  • Method Three: Turn around, fire your rockets at the wall to boost yourself over it. This barely ever works, but is used in the current Operative IL World Record.

If you do not do this glitch, you can drive through the mission as usual. It is very linear so you shouldn't worry too much. Make sure you have enough rockets for the arena fight (you'll need 20-25ish rockets). Move around slightly until the lock-on system locks onto an enemy, then just keep firing until you've killed everyone.

World Records

Difficulty Time
Operative 1:03 by OllieNK
00 Agent 1:28 by FitterSpace