Clipping is a technique used in the console version of 007: Nightfire that involves pushing yourself through floors or walls by abusing the way the game handles Bond's collision. The current method of clipping was discovered by Veman3000 in May of 2013, but clipping and various out of bounds glitches have been known about long before that. Clipping is, by far, the most useful technique used in a speedrun and saves several minutes over the course of the game.

Conditions Suitable for Clipping

There are many places that clipping can be done. Corners that are 90 degrees or less are great for clipping, but clipping is very easy to do when you can get under an object that prevents Bond from standing up after you crouch. Objects such as bookshelves, desks, and chairs are great examples of this. It is also possible to clip on moving objects such as vehicles, doors, and even people.

Types of clipping

There are three main types of clipping and they are all useful in one way or another. The inputs for all three types are very similar but the behavior of these clips are different.

Floor Clipping

Floor Clipping is the most common and useful type of clipping. The name comes from the fact that this type of clipping will always push you down through the floor. Floor Clipping is performed by first crouching and switching to your fists, then standing up at the same time you cycle through your weapons or gadgets. Move underneath an object during this time and you will get Clip Storage. Clip storage is a technique that allows you to store a clip and use it anywhere as long as you don't jump or crouch beforehand. Once you have a clip stored, simply crouch again and you will fall through the floor. A detailed video of this clipping method can be found here

Wall Clipping

Wall clipping is very similar to floor clipping, except you clip through walls instead of clipping through the floor. The inputs for a wall clip are similar to that of floor clipping except you do not have to crouch again after standing up. An example of this type of clipping is PAL Clip. Unlike floor clipping, wall clipping cannot be stored

Frame-Perfect Clipping

Frame-Perfect Clipping, as the name implies, is a type of clipping method that is done by pressing the crouch button on a specific frame after starting a clip. This clipping method is required for certain tricks such as Elevator Skip and the fastest method of Shadow Temple Early. A detailed video of this clipping method can be found here.